Relais Ca’ Muse

Relais Ca’ Muse is located in the Venetian countryside, in the North-Eastern part of Italy, a 15 minute
drive away from the historical center of Vicenza and only 40 minutes from Venice.

The farm, surrounded by woods, is part of a larger estate where agricultural activities are performed all
year round. From November till late June, wheat grows in the fields leading to Relais Ca’ Muse.

Vicenza is one of the jewels of the Veneto region. Its reputation is mainly derived from the works of
the Architect Andrea Palladio (b.1508-d.1580) master of the Neo-Classical style. Highly influenced by
ancient Roman and Greek architecture, Palladio’s best-known realizations are in the villas, museums
and the Olympic Theatre built in the center of Vicenza, which is known as the "Palladian City". Among
Palladios’s disciples, Vincenzo Scamozzi, Inigo Jones and Lord Burlington spread the Neo-Classical
Palladian style throughout Europe, from England to Sweden, from Germany to Russia and even
to the United States.

Among the attractions of Vicenza, the frescoes of GianBattista and GianDomenico Tiepolo deserve
a special mention. The father and son, both painters, worked in Vicenza during the 18th century and
they can be admired on the walls and on the ceilings of some of the most beautiful residences around
Vicenza, such as Villa Valmarana, also called the "Villa of the Dwarfs". Relais Ca’ Muse is therefore
ideally placed to allow its guests to enjoy the masterpieces of Palladio and of the Tiepolos, all within
a short distance.

The Veneto region which includes Venice, Padua, Vicenza and Verona enjoys the richness of its
unique combination of rural activities and refined craftsmanship. As in Tuscany and Piemonte, wine
making is one of the most celebrated local activities. Amarone, Refosco and Recioto rank among the
finest Italian wines and can be tasted in the original cellars of the Verona-based producers, in the
Soave area.

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